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Subclass Of
Namespace (context for definition)
Description (what distinguishes this sense of the term?) An Arc is an abstract object that represents a directed connection in the Network that enables transportation from one Node to another. The tpso:ArcPD class allows for the representation of an individual object that is subject to change, and thus has multiple manifestations over time that instantiate these changes.
Required by Use Case(s) (why is this specialized definition needed?) Routes for Transportation Planning Travel Demand
Formal Definition (UML or DL) equivalentClass (hasManifestation some Tpso:Arc) and (hasManifestation only Tpso:Arc)

subClassOf accessesComplex only TransportationComplexPD

subClassOf endNode exactly 1 Tpso:NodePD

subClassOf startNode exactly 1 Tpso:NodePD

subClassOf TimeVaryingConcept

Referenced by Specification Element(s)


Status Pending Approval
Has Subclass


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