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Subclass Of
Namespace (context for definition)
Description (what distinguishes this sense of the term?) A Route describes a possible path of travel through one or more transportation networks. It is defined according to the arcs (ArcPD) in the transportation network that it accesses (i.e. travels on), and its beginning and ending nodes (NodePDs). The beginning node should correspond to the start node of first arc that is accessed by the route and the ending node should correspond to the end node of the last arc that is accessed by the route.

Routes may be decomposed into smaller sections with the hasSubRoute property. Information derived from the network such as speed and location is associated with the arcs as opposed to the route itself.

Required by Use Case(s) (why is this specialized definition needed?) Routes for Transportation Planning Travel Demand
Formal Definition (UML or DL) subClassOf (accessesArc only Tpso:ArcPD) and (accessesArc min 1 Tpso:ArcPD)

subClassOf hasSubRoute only tpso:Route

subClassOf routeBegins only Tpso:NodePD

subClassOf routeEnds only Tpso:NodePD

Referenced by Specification Element(s) ISO5087-3::Route


Status Pending Approval
Has Subclass


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