Finding, Reserving, and Paying for Parking

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Smart Transportation


A traveller needs to find, reserve and pay for parking with fees applied to the traveller's account.


A traveller is using a rental vehicle to reach a meeting at a remote site. Prior to starting the trip, the traveller wishes to find, reserve and pay for parking to maximize the efficiency of the journey. The traveller wishes to pay for parking as a part of the car hire charge. The meeting that the traveller attends goes longer than expected and the vehicle is parked for longer than the original reservation was made for.


Traveller, Parking Facility

Basic Flow of Events

Traveller enters destination into interface device with details about the parking needs

System provides list of parking places near destination Traveller requests details for a parking place System provides details for a parking place Traveller requests a reservation System requests payment details Traveller provides payment information System confirms payment and provides proof of reservation

Flow Exceptions

A traveller may request details for multiple parking places but will typically select only one.

A traveller may escape from the flow of events at any time. The system may reject the payment and not reserve the space.

Information Requirements

Destination location, parking place location, estimated arrival time at parking place, estimated departure time from parking place, parking place operating hours, existing relationships between the traveller and any parking service providers, rates for each parking place, space availability, services offered by the parking place, payment methods offered.

Required Classes


Required Object Properties

Required Data Properties



Alliance for Parking Data Standards: Parking Data Specification: Use Case Document: Release 2.1 (April 2020)

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Use case presented here is generalized but consistent with the APDS use case

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Supplementary Figures

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Class Diagram for Find Parking Places Within a Radius.png
Class Diagram for Find Parking Places Within a Radius